Digital Risk Management

Client industry: Oil & Gas.

EQS’s risk management and monitoring tool (GRA) was developed by risk management and software teams, to ensure an efficient, transparent and accessible risk management tool, that integrates information from operations and facilities. The GRA tool is fully auditable by third-party.

The UNO platform was natively designed to facilitate the daily lives of users on the ground, allowing access to the asset portfolio, real-time data, anytime, anywhere, leveraged by visualisation tools like web-based 3D tool.

  • Digitize your operations, ensuring the interconnection with your ERP and other systems;
  • Identify hazards and evaluate their general and specific risks in your organization’s activities, ensuring legal compliance and maximize safety and health of employees and service providers;
  • Build a Risk Matrix that fits your company needs;
  • Ensure proactive and systematic update of hazard identification and risk assessment by evaluating and reporting risks for each area and routine, non-routine and emergency jobs;
  • Inform employees, in real-time, about the work in progress and the corresponding risks;
  • Monitor your action plans, prioritize actions based and evaluate their evolution;
  • Provide induction and job training to your employees;
  • Digitize and automate all access control processes;
  • Ensure the participation of your employees in all relevant actions;
  • Let Artificial Intelligence alert you to deviations, support your decision making by informing in real-time the impact and cost of each action.
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