UNO Industrial Digital Platform

UNO is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective industrial digital platform that helps companies excel in Industry 4.0

The UNO asset performance management platform (APM) collects data from equipment, workers, and business, producing relevant information by using advanced analysis and forecasting algorithms.

Based on the digital maturity of each customer, the UNO asset performance management platform helps customers reduce up to 15% in operating expenses and up to 25% downtime.

Fast Digitalization

Real-Time Monitoring


System Integration

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

See all your asset documents and real-time operation data, anywhere. Produce information to improve your maintenance and inspection decisions and ensure a safe and reliable operation.

Safety Tools

Digitize and integrate your safety management into day-to-day operations in a contextualized and user-friendly interface, reducing risks, ensuring legal compliance and optimizing resources.

UNO digital platform is a capable solution to deliver, simply and efficiently, an integrated asset and risk management tested in high-demanding industrial environments.



EQS Digital digitalizes assets, processes, and sites. The digitalization process consists in collecting all the fundamental characteristics:

  • All relevant asset information, such as datasheets, operations
  • manuals, drawings, diagrams, etc
  • Real-time operating data for production processes
  • Asset health data
  • Virtual site navigation in UNO web-based 3D tool
  • Administrative process workflow

Through digitization, users can access all relevant information in multi-devices easily and intuitively. Digitization ensures a close link between stakeholders and assets, allowing deviations alerts, identification of tools, and working conditions necessary to carry out the work, among others.

Digital Twin

Virtual visit all the sites and see the assets as if you were there, with 1 to 2 mm error.

EQS Digital is all web-based, with no need to install any software, and is one of the quickest solutions on the market.

In EQS Digital’s web-based 3D tool, customers can see:

  • See all the area hazards
  • Visualize your asset health
  • Visualize modifications before they happen
  • Integrates several data formats
Web 3D Tool
Monitoring and Prediction

Monitoring and Prediction

The quality of data is fundamental to producing quality information.

EQS Digital collects data from multiple data sources with quality guarantees:

  • Integration of existing systems
  • Installation of new monitoring systems
  • Installation of new sensors

After collecting and contextualizing data, EQS Digital can implement forecasting systems that enhance the transformation of data into information.

With good information, EQS Digital algorithms can detect and predict deviations and potential failures.

EQS Digital’s monitoring and forecasting systems guarantee a holistic and standardized view of all sites and equipment, so that our customers reduce operating costs, optimize investments, and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Asset & Risk Strategy

EQS Digital Asset management goes far beyond just maintenance and inspection strategies, as UNO integrates several other layers of information to give customers asset operationality, integrity, and costs perspectives.

EQS Digital solutions ensure that whenever there are deviations or opportunities for improvement, they are identified and communicated to decision-makers, no matter if the equipment is rotating, static or structural assets.

EQS Digital believes that the asset strategy should be dynamic and closely linked to the assets, process, and all relevant stakeholders.

With EQS Digital solutions, we support customers by reducing operating costs, optimizing investment, reducing unscheduled downtime and maximizing production.

UNO Asset Risk Strategy
UNO Digital Operations

Digital Operations

Our Digital Operations solutions are developed to ensure that shop floor data is collected and contextualized so that relevant stakeholders can be informed and act in real-time.

Through EQS Digital tools is possible to analyze and mitigate risk in the different vectors of the entire organization, like manufacturing processes, safety, maintenance, inspection, and operation.

All assets and stakeholders are covered by these tools.

Multi Site

UNO industrial digital platform collects data from multiple data sources and multiple sites. By integrating data from multiples site UNO industrial platform enhances standardization, shares lessons learned and other relevant information with all relevant stakeholders.

In one application customers can see all information and virtual walk in all digitalizes sites.

UNO Multi Site
Multi Devices

Multi Devices

See Everything Anywhere.

See all relevant information wherever you are, from the shop floor to the headquarter in another country, using our multi-technology platform.

UNO industrial digital platform enhances a more collaborative environment and enables that decision can take asset conditions to the decision-making process.

UNO is a modular and easily scalable asset management platform, that can be customized to fit the client’s digital maturity levels and can be deployed on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid solution.


Modular and Scalable System

UNO industrial digital platform is modular and easily scalable. The system architecture takes into consideration all the requirements needed to enable modularization, scalabilities, and security.

UNO can be hosted on-site, in the cloud, or even in a hybrid on-premises and cloud.

Modular Solution

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