EQS Digital has a multi-disciplinary R&D team that covers several areas of knowledge including sensor networks, microelectronics, advanced materials and additive manufacturing.
EQS Digital develops tailor-made solutions to the application, materials, and equipment.

Corrosion Monitoring

The corrosion monitoring in Industrial Installations is fundamental to guarantee operationality and risks mitigating risks than can have potential material and human losses. For EQS this is a fundamental vertical for inhouse solutions development.

EQS Digital developed a patented pending Magnetooptical Transducer (MOT) Ultrasonic Guided Waves that perform a large area screening with 360º mass loss detecting capabilities on pipelines, pressure vessels and other critical assets. The EQS Digital MOT system combines magnetostrictive wave generation with distributed fibre optic-based passive wave detection, to ensure up to 100 meters in length and 360º analysis.

The guided waves technique, or Long-Range UT, uses low-frequency ultrasonic waves that travel along a structure. In the presence of defects like corrosion, mechanical damage, imperfections, among others, an echo is generated and detected by the MOT sensor. The distributed detection of guided waves increases the reliability of the information and accuracy on flaws.

Multi Technology Gateway

Multi Technology Gateway

FUSION multi-technology gateway is an inhouse developed multi-purpose monitoring solution that gathers critical data from multi-technology sensors using only one equipment.

FUSION collects data from:

Photonics and Optics;
Wired and Wireless Electrical Sensors.

The FUSION multi-technology gateway allows users to view data on-site and/or send it to IT solutions, making it possible to use as an inspection device or permanently installed and be used as a monitoring gateway.

With FUSION gateway customers can collect relevant data in multiple operational scenarios, so that asset condition and performance can be evaluated.

Embedded Sensors

EQS Digital R&D team have extensive experience in the development and implementation of embedded sensors in various materials and types of equipment (rotary and static).

The use of the embedded sensors is now possible due to technological advances in the miniaturization of electronic circuits, energy consumption, batteries size and capacity, and wireless communication. Also, the possibility of using soaking sensors (passive or active) capable of measuring various physical phenomena, such as acoustic, pressure, temperature, voltage, corrosion, among others.

On the other hand, EQS Digital has a strong know-how in the use of optical fibre, that due to optical fibre reduce size, distributed or quasi-distributed measuring capacities, can measure multiple parameters (ex: mechanical deformations, temperature, humidity, ) in a single optical fibre. Also, optical fibres are easy to soak in different materials, including metals due to its tolerance to very high temperatures > 1000 °C.

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Embedded Sensors
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