Access Control

Access Control integrated with External Partners documentation

This tool ensures that workers, machines and vehicles comply with your security standards before access your site.

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From Professionals to Professionals

  • With more than years working with our customers, the UNO platform has been developed to simplify interactions between clients and suppliers

Tailored to each customer

  • The platform is fully customizable allowing your organization to set its own safety standards

Ensure compliance

  • Compliance with requirements in accordance with Law 102/2009 (Legal regime for the promotion of safety and health at work), with Decree-Law 273/2003, and the EU RGPD 2016/679

An innovative platform capable of managing all the documentation of your service providers in one place

    Manage External Partners Documentation

    • External Partners can upload all required project documentation from company workers, vehicles, and tools
    • Request documentation based on resource type
    • Control documentation expiration date

    Always updated and in compliance based on alerts and notifications

    • New project assignment
    • Resources approval or rejection by the client
    • Notifications for assigned projects
    • Notifications and alerts for documentation to expire

    Dedicated Portal to your external Partners

    • External partners can access the platform and manage all their resources
    • Interaction with several stakeholders in the platform
    • Ability to manage assigned projects and access all project documentation
    • Manage the resources for each project

    Integration with all physical access devices

    Integration with turnstiles and access barriers, vehicle control through license plate reading, virtual concierge with access available through QR code

    Document validation on demand

    • To give an end-to-end service we also offer the validation service of all uploaded documentation in the platform
    • This service is provided by qualified safety technicians in the field or remotely

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