Global Risk

A fully compliant Risk Assessment module to
control the Risks of your operations.

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Mitigate and eliminate Risks across your organization

  • UNO Platform allows you to easily identify and monitor the potential hazards and risks
  • Centralized information allows you to take quick and informed decisions to mitigate risks

Improve performance through standardization

  • Agile safety tool that ensures the effectiveness of performance providing a safer environment for employees and contractors
  • A standard process where you acknowledge the risk impact across your organization

Ensure compliance

  • Given the constant change in regulations in the Safety Area, our platform allows the organization to comply with the latest updates such as ISO 45001:2018 or ISO 31000:2009

The only platform on the market capable of delivering, through a simple and efficient way, the integrated risk between areas and job activities.

    Risk Assessment integrated with Employee Activities

    • Risk control is always updated
    • Integration with activities and areas
    • Integration with Human resources database

    Analyze your risk Assessment by Business Unit, Site, Plant, or Working Area

    • Filter by Business Units, Sites, and areas
    • Risk analysis in a holistic view

    Track, Analyze and Recommend

    • Create recommendations to mitigate risk
    • Manage tasks and actions with Kanban Method
    • Assign tasks to other users

    Manage and Inform risks in real-time

    • Share safety information in real-time with workers and the safety team
    • Notifications when risk analysis changes
    UNO Digital Operations

    Risk Map updated

    • Risk map is always updated
    • Notifications to workers and safety managers about any area or activity change

    Visualize all your sites in 3D

    • Identify surrounding risks

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