Scaffolding Management

Streamlines scaffold control, ordering, inspection, and visualization, ensuring a safer and more secure work environment

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Increased Safety

  • A scaffolding management module allows for more rigorous control over the inspection and use of scaffolding, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and improving workspace safety

Operational Efficiency

  • The module simplifies the ordering and maintenance of scaffolding, optimizing processes and saving time and resources. This results in greater operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Cost Savings

  • By improving scaffolding management, you can avoid unnecessary costs with corrective maintenance and frequent replacements. Additionally, effective management helps to avoid fines and penalties for regulatory non-compliance, saving you money in the long run.

The only platform on the market capable of enhancing safety, efficiency, and cost savings in scaffold management.

    Manage, Track and Inform in real-time

    • A holistic view of all your scaffoldings
    • Automatic communication between key players

    Reduction of Planning Errors

    • GPS helps ensure scaffolding is positioned exactly where it is needed, reducing planning errors and rework.
    • Optimize the distribution of scaffolding on the construction site, ensuring it is where it is needed most.

    Integrated with the access control module

    • Ensure compliance of your Suppliers and Subcontractors
    • Keep all your project information fully integrated

    Agility and Mobility

    • Monitor the status and location of scaffolding instantly, ensuring an up-to-date view of the situation on the job site.
    • Eliminates the need for paper documentation, making scaffolding management more sustainable and efficient.

    Fully configurable

    • Possibility of defining checklist for each of the different scaffolding states.
    • Define frequency of scaffold checking.

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