Work Survey

Measure the pulse of your company culture
with easy-to-set-up employee engagement
surveys and use powerful insights
to inform actions for improvement

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Fast Survey Creation

  • Create a survey using predefined libraries of themes and questions

Fully customizable

  • Design your own survey process, with the possibility to choose frequency, rotation, anonymity threshold, duration, and other parameters.

Share selectively

  • Share results and trends with managers and team leads, enabling anyone to take actions to improve engagement levels

Drive better decisions by capturing your employee’s feedback exactly when you need it

    Questions Libraries

    • Manage your questions for different topics
    • Quickly create surveys using pre-selection of desired topics

    Choose the type of answer for each question

    • From simple selection, such as yes or no, to multiple choice, free text, matrix, rating scale, and multiple choice single answer

    Automatic Charts

    • Don’t waste time analyzing Excel sheets, the platform automatically generates a dashboard, selecting the best graphs for your data

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