Digital Consulting

With a multidisciplinary R&D and Innovation team, EQS Digital provides expert consulting services and digital solutions tailored to the industry, to help clients maximize production, optimize asset performance, improve risk management and accelerate digital transformation.

Operations Know-How

EQS Digital is part of EQS Global Group that has more than 15 years in an industry context.

Technology Agnostic

EQS Digital software teams have know-how in several programming languages and technologies.

Data Science and Analytics

EQS Digital team has deep know-how on how to clean data and produce information.

Image Processing

Because images are one big potential data source, EQS Digital has inhouse capabilities for computer vision.

Site Survey

In the digitalization process, it is necessary to carry out technical visits to evaluate the existing instrumentation and IT and OT systems. Maximizing the use of existing systems and sensors is essential to reduce investments and mitigate impacts on the manufacturing process.

EQS Digital internal competence and know-how in the industries and technological solutions, delivers a fast and accurate digitization process as a service, guaranteeing the output and reducing the need for allocation of resources by the customers.

EQS has state of the art laser scanning machines that use to digitalize existing sites, enabling a 3D Asset Management.

Site Survey

IT Integration

IT systems, for example, ERP’s are relevant sources of data.

EQS Digital solutions create a connection between maintenance, operation, and costs to produces relevant indicators, such as the Total Ownership Cost (TOC) of each asset.

An asset management strategy based on the TOC allows customers to have an integral view of their asset’s life cycle, improving the decisions, standardization and optimizing spare parts.

EQS Digital solutions integrate with several IT systems. These integrations allow customers to see KPI’s in real-time and allow a more medium and long-term asset management strategy.

OT Integration

Existing control and monitoring systems, whenever possible, can and should be integrated with a holistic monitoring and alert systems.

The integration between systems can be carried out through several standard protocols or by EQS Digital custom made protocols. We have experience in integrating with several industrial protocols, such as Modbus, OPC, Profibus, etc.

If there is no communication on site, we have solutions to connect remote locations.

With the integration of OT systems, EQS Digital can add another layer of information, so that customers can reduce OPEX, CAPEX optimization and reduction of unscheduled downtime.

Sensor Installation and Integration

Sensor Installation and Integration

Sometimes the sensors/control systems that exist in customers do not provide data adjusted to the needs of the digitization process, creating the necessity to replace them.

Choose the right sensors and their location on the process is fundamental and must be defined by a team that gathers all the technical skills.

EQS Digital is agnostic to equipment brands and has all the necessary skills to offer an installation and integration service for all types of industrial monitoring sensors and IOT sensors on the market.

Using UNO Industrial Digital Platform (IIOT), EQS Digital deliver a turnkey service concerning equipment monitoring and process monitoring.

When there are no instrumentation and integration solutions on the market EQS Digital develops (MOT).

Dashboards & KPIs

Through our multidisciplinary teams and digital tools, EQS digital supports customers choosing and implementing real-time KPI’s. We collect data from existing data sources and to produce KPI’s and dashboards.

The development of dashboards considers the specific customers’ needs and allowing drill down to raw data, in multi-devices to ensure mobility.

EQS Digital is capable of contextualizing KPI’s with international and in-house benchmarks.

Our Dashboards and Digital Operations solutions (operations, maintenance, inspection and safety) are developed to ensure that shop floor data is collected and contextualized so that relevant stakeholders can be informed and act in real-time.

EQS Digital software development teams have know-how in several programming languages and technologies.

Dashboard & KPI
Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting

Data is data, EQS Digital produces information.

EQS Digital’s data analytics tools allow data contextualization, pattern recognition, integrated analysis of assets in an operational context and specific benchmarks developed in cooperation with specialized technical teams.

Our data analysis services apply to practically all industrial assets, namely, dynamic, static, structural and infrastructure.

Data processing through EQS Digital tools can be performed in real-time, decreasing the decision time and improving the quality of the same.

We deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that allow a predictive maintenance strategy implementation and enable a paradigm shift on how asset operation and maintenance is done.

Agência Nacional de Inovação
Sistema de Incentivos Fiscais à I&D Empresarial

The EQS Global Group has received, from the National Innovation Agency (ANI), the recognition of suitability for the practice of Research & Development activities.

This recognition is also extremely important for our clients, since they will be able to enjoy tax benefits under the SIFIDE (Corporate R&D Tax Incentive System).

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