Industrial Software Development

EQS Digital has multidisciplinary software, hardware and operational teams that develop tailor-made software solutions for the most demanding industries.

Operations Know-How

EQS Digital is part of EQS Global Group that has more than 15 years in an industry context.

Technology Agnostic

EQS Digital software teams have know-how in several programming languages and technologies.

Multidisciplinary Teams

The combination of operational know-how, software and hardware inhouse capabilities, allows EQS Digital to deliver a real end to end service.

Industrial Customer's Needs-Oriented

EQS Digital team is focused on the asset-intensive industries.

There are no solutions that deliver all specific needs of all industries, EQS Digital is fully capable of developing bespoke IT solutions to help customer’s digitalization process.

EQS’s software, asset management and risk management departments work as one, ensuring that the requirements collection process is carried out by peers and that the software teams deliver what is needed. Through this collaborative environment, we deliver fully adjusted digital solutions to our client needs.

EQS Digital develops custom made tailor-fitted digital solutions, that fully meet customer needs.

The creation of IT solutions can be applied to all assets, processes, and infrastructures.

Industrial Software Development

Our Success Stories

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